"Bamboo Strong is exactly what today’s savvy business leaders need to manage in today’s complex, multi-dimensional markets!" --Marshall Goldsmith, The Thinkers 50 #1 Leadership Thinker in the World
The business leaders of today face unprecedented complexity, rapid change and increasing diversity in their markets and workforces. This means we are now required to use a once neglected skill – cultural intelligence (CQ) – as never before. And yet more than 90 per cent of global executives identify cross-cultural effectiveness as their biggest challenge.
It is our mission to help executives, leaders, business owners and their teams build relationships, network, negotiate, manage and more in diverse workplaces and markets across our globalised world.
We help you succeed in the global marketplace through:
  • Leadership Development & Executive Coaching: Individual and group coaching in person or virtually to develop leaders and teams to reach their full potential
  • Intercultural consulting: A macro or organisational systems review to understand your overall business requirements in the global marketplace, with the aim of creating a learning solution that fits your exact organisational culture
  • Cultural intelligence briefings and training: for specific countries and regions such as those of Europe, Asia Pacific and the Americas
Our Bamboo Strong™ programmes are rooted in decades of research conducted in 72 countries across the world. All programmes are focused on results, through a measureable and guaranteed process of CQ Leadership Assessments, intermediate surveys, debriefs and stakeholder feedback.
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