Diversity provides companies with a competitive advantage. It is our mission to help executives, managers, business owners and their teams work better together, build relationships, network, negotiate, manage and more in diverse workplaces, markets and virtual settings across our globalised world.
We help you increase profitability in the marketplace through:
  • Leadership & Executive Coaching: Individual and group coaching in person or virtually to transform executives and teams into strong responsive leaders
  • Group Coaching: for executives, managers and teams, including Workshops and Group Masterminds
  • Working with Difference: Strategies to increase staff teamwork, engagement and productivity by leveraging diversity of generations, backgrounds and cultures
  • International Projects Consulting: Developing coaching solutions to support international teams in complex projects across geographies, sectors and industries
Our programmes are rooted in decades of research conducted in 72 countries across the world. All programmes are focused on results, through a measureable and guaranteed process of Leadership Assessments, intermediate surveys, Coaching Debriefs and Stakeholder Feedback.
"Bamboo Strong is exactly what savvy business leaders need to manage in today’s complex, multi-dimensional markets!" - Marshall Goldsmith, Global Gurus #1 Executive Coach in the World
'Working with Difference to Increase Profitability'
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