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I’m David Clive Price , the creator of the Master Key System™ Coaching Programmes for Asia and the Bamboo Strong™ Programmes for developing your cultural intelligence.
Are you a business leader, CEO or senior executive feeling overwhelmed or wary of doing business in Asia’s very different markets?
My mission is to help you and your teams successfully bridge the gap between Western and Eastern business culture so that your company can become a confident and successful player in each Asia market you choose.
This enables you to build lucrative partnerships, target your brands and products to individual Asian customers and market segments, raise your performance levels and radically increase your profits.
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I didn’t achieve success in Asia business overnight. It was a hard struggle, as a result of which I wrote The Master Key to Asia: A 6-Step Guide to Unlocking New Opportunities
Thanks to the lessons I shared in that book and the companies I helped, it became a best-seller and allowed me to carry my message to business people all over the world that the way to really succeed in global markets is to develop your cultural intelligence.
I followed up my first business book with The Master Key to China, and now my work has been featured in traditional media like The Wall Street Journal and BBC World News as well as in many online and digital platforms.
After some very bumpy years as an independent advisor, I now have a business that operates successfully in both Asia and the UK and I enjoy the freedom this gives me to write new books, help more companies, travel and enjoy life with my family and friends.
It’s my firm belief that if you don't learn how to capture your clients' and customers' attention in Asia – and get on the right wavelength – you risk missing out on your share of high-growth, lucrative Asia markets.
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What is the key to YOUR success?
Ok, that’s the more formal version – and if you want to know more of my professional life and career, and how I can develop your leadership teams, feel free to download my Asia One Sheet and Bamboo Strong One Sheet here.
But now I want to tell you a little more about my personal journey.
In 2001 I became a cross-cultural mentor almost by accident. I had started off in Japan but had found the country really challenging. The more I learned about it, the less I seemed to make any progress. There was something missing.
It was only when I accepted a friend’s invitation to move to Hong Kong that I realized what that something missing was: confidence.
Hong Kong at that time was a Chinese city but with British characteristics. Although I hated myself for thinking it, that British element was enough to get me into the Chinese world to such an extent that I ended up marrying a local Chinese and becoming part of a very extended Chinese family.
As a result, I got to know all kinds of Chinese traditions and ways and the more I was accepted because I knew how to behave the more my confidence rose. I had found the KEY to my success.
Soon I had accepted a job as the speechwriter for a major multinational bank, writing speeches for the Chairman and CEO to give all over Asia and indeed all over the world as part of the preparations for Hong Kong’s reversion to Chinese sovereignty.
But once the handover was over, I decided to become an independent advisor to Asian multinationals and a cross-cultural mentor.
I left the safety of corporate life to set up my own company, advising business leaders and CEOs on their key messages, first in Hong Kong and then in other Asian countries.
But it took me a long time to crack those other Asian markets. They had business and cultural practices that were very different to those of Hong Kong. Even though my previous work at the bank had taken me to those countries, I was still a novice. I hadn’t built the required long-term relationships or trust.
The result was that my business went up and down like a yo-yo as I tried – and eventually succeeded – in opening branches in other Asian cities. There were several failures along the way, and a lot of effort.
Every country in Asia is a challenge. Do not think you can automatically apply the knowledge gained about one Asian business culture to another.
If you have the skills and focus, if you have done the groundwork, you will probably be successful in more than one market. But to do that, you must find the KEY to your Asia market.
A few years later, I decided to put this experience into my series of business and motivational books and I began enrolling people into high-end coaching programmes that I call the Master Key System and the Bamboo Strong System.
It was exciting that people from all sectors and industries, and from all sizes of company, started coming to me as the Go To Expert on expanding their business not only in Asia markets but also globally across borders and cultures.
By distilling my experience as an advisor to leaders and a writer on the world's business customs and cultures, I was able to create a platform for helping other people and businesses to find their own success in international markets and when leading multicultural teams at home.
And within a year or two of creating this platform, I was being invited to give guest interviews in print and on radio, in telesummits and at live events in Asia, US and the UK.
Many more speaking and mentoring opportunities have followed since then. But what they have all shown me is just how big a need there is for discovering the KEY to unlock the business cultures of the world.
About the Master Key and Bamboo Strong books
David’s best selling book, ‘The Master Key to Asia: A 6-Step Guide to Unlocking New Markets’ is published by Amazon in paperback and Kindle editions.
‘The Master Key to China’ is published by Panoma Press in paperback and ebook editions. Both books are available now through all good online book stores such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble.
David's forthcoming book, 'Bamboo Strong: Cultural Intelligence Secrets To Succeed In The New Global Economy' will be published by Amazon in paperback and ebook editions.
Here’s what Mark Dailey, Partner at Madano Partners UK and formerly adviser to the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, had to say about the Master Key to Asia
Savvy and Concise From an Asian Master
There has been so much nonsense written about doing business in Asia, that it is refreshing to come across a short how-to guide that touches on the most important aspects of managing relationships, cultural pitfalls and expectations management.
David correctly gives the theory and cultural relativism a miss preferring to concentrate on what actually happens at the coalface. And he should know. Having spent most of his career advising senior Asian CEOs, pitching for business in Asia, writing about Asian businesses and running his own consultancy from Hong Kong, Taiwan and the Philippines – he is eminently placed to provide this useful primer.
Concise, savvy and very helpful. I will recommend it to my clients.
Mark Dailey, Madano Partnership UK
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