I train executives and coaches in the unique and powerful components of the Intelligent Leadership (IL) Executive Coaching Blueprint created and mastered by John Mattone, the world’s #1 authority on corporate culture and leadership and the former coach to Steve Jobs and many other global CEOs.

The Intelligent Leadership (IL) Executive Coaching Process is a 6 to 12 months "immersive" leadership and personal growth journey that unleashes a leader's full potential so they truly become the best leaders and people they can be.

The IL blueprint strengthens a leader's inner-core and outer-core, enabling them to realize 4 game-changing outcomes in their business and life: altruism, affiliation, achievement and abundance (4 A's). These 4 A's are the seeds of achieving sustained greatness and creating a lasting legacy.

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Today’s new generation of business people and leaders have to cooperate and communicate well across personal, generational and cultural differences. They have to handle fast-evolving relationships at all levels, and often in many departments and regions, without becoming stressed, disengaged or confused.

The proven Bamboo Strong™ system is based on my years of living and working globally as well as scholarly research to enhance your ability to build relationships, communicate, network, negotiate and lead in diverse workplaces across our globalized world – including at home and in virtual teams.

Whether you are leading an international project team, entering a new market or working together with colleagues of different backgrounds, generations, personality types, genders or cultures, we help you become Bamboo Strong™ for all occasions.
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"Destined to be the cross-cultural handbook of the decade." – Jason Jennings, worldwide bestselling author of Think BIG – Act Small

A proven system to develop your Cultural Intelligence, with success strategies and inspiring examples from around the world! Foreword by Dr. Marshall Goldsmith.

If you want to succeed in the new global economy, then this is the book for you.

  • Discover the tried and tested resources you need: Learn the empowering systems, strategies and insights in four key areas you must master to prosper in today’s global economy
  • Benefit quickly and easily: Gain maximum insights in minimum time from easy-to-follow stories, with an emphasis on problem-solving and adapting behaviour
  • Develop your own cultural intelligence: Confidently navigate our multicultural workplaces and globalized world
  • Special bonus: Get access to a Cultural Intelligence (CQ) Planner and Leadership Assessments for situations when you need more help.

Thousands of executives, business owners and professionals have achieved success thanks to the advice and systems in this book. Order it now at Amazon (UK) or Amazon (US) or your country Amazon site and let them start helping you, too.

"A must-read for anyone who owns a multicultural organization or business." – John Mattone, the World's #1 Authority on Corporate Culture & Leadership