My new novel Chinese Walls is a story of love and corruption set in the Hong Kong and London business world.

Part mystery and part detective story, the novel reflects the themes of intercultural relationships and the need for transparency that I have encountered in my professional life in Asia.


High-powered business strategist Nicholas Powell takes up a position in Hong Kong as an advisor to one of the world’s leading banks during the handover of the territory to China. With his wife back at the spacious family home in the Home Counties, and his children already beginning adult life, Nicholas feels free to acknowledge – and act on – feelings he has kept secret for years.

He soon begins a clandestine relationship with Daniel, a Chinese manager at the bank, and in the first flush of romance promises him a new life in the UK.

After Nicholas moves to London with Daniel, first as an advisor to the Board and then as the prospective advisor to the Chancellor, complications set in. Daniel makes it clear he expects them to be open about their partnership. A powerful mentor shows increasing nervousness about Nicolas’ suitability for the top Government post. And Nicholas is haunted by a one-night stand in Hong Kong.

When the bank’s merger plans are leaked, and the media launches a witch-hunt, Nicholas finds he has become the target of speculation and censure.

As his relationships and career begin to unravel, Nicholas frantically tries to identify the forces he is up again and salvage what matters to him most – though the realization of what that is may have come too late.

The novel is published as an Amazon paperback and as an Amazon Kindle (e-book).


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