Master Key Workshops

These workshops are designed for companies seeking market entry and cross-border expansion (within China and Greater China, the full 10 member countries of ASEAN, and Northeast Asia). Each workshop dives deep into Asian business environments and aligns your company’s executive and team networks with those in targeted Asia markets. Master Key workshops can be delivered live or virtually (via Skype or phone), or a combination of both approaches.


David will create a customized, actionable strategy that will enhance profitable long-term relationships in your chosen market, maximize “ear to the ground” capabilities, strengthen market positioning, and increase sustainable growth for your company.


These Master Key Workshops have helped many leading companies to improve their communication, efficiency and profitability when doing business in Asia so that they dramatically raise performance and increase profits.


There are four basic Master Key Workshops (available in half-day, one-day or two-day formats):


  • 1 image “The Expert’s Cultural Crash Course” How To Overcome Fears & Get Started in Asia Markets
    In this course we’ll create a market-intelligent business model.We’ll work on:
    • Dispelling myths and obstacles
    • Developing a new ‘Asia’ mindset
    • Avoiding costly mistakes and blunders & learning from them
    • A-Z of Asia Business Etiquette


  • 1 image “The ABCs of Positioning in the Marketplace” How To Get To The Next Level of Confidence
    In this course we’ll begin to implement your market-intelligent business model.We’ll work on:
    • Market specific must-knows for Asia (e.g. North Asia, Southeast Asia, Muslim & Buddhist countries, ‘international’ Asian cities)
    • A proven method for building long-term relationships in each market
    • Creating essential networks and enhancing teamwork
    • Managing multicultural teams in an unfamiliar context


  • 3 image “Turning the Key in the Door” The Step-by-Step Process to Creating Outstanding Results
    In this course we’ll take your market-intelligent business model a crucial step further.We’ll work on:
    • Developing the appropriate diversity and leadership skills for Asia
    • Building and strengthening cross-border partnerships from West to East, and across Asia
    • Using ‘gloclalization’ for branding, marketing & operations
    • Gaining competitive intelligence on your market of choice (e.g China, Malaysia, Korea)


  • 1 image “The New Era of Opportunity in Asia” How to Master Leadership Skills in Each Asia Market
    In this course we’ll show you how to reap the rewards of your market-intelligent business model.We’ll work on:
    • Negotiating and working with clients, team members and suppliers from every Asia culture
    • Managing intercultural negotiations (eg. in China, Japan, Singapore or Thailand)
    • Resolving conflicts across borders (from West to East, and across Asia)
    • Communicating and presenting to Asia teams and audiences.


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““Working with David helped me grasp the broader context of cultural differences in business, and then hone in on key issues that this updated view of the Asia business environment brought to light. Both challenging and insightful, what I learned in the one day VIP Intensive led not only to actionable learning, but a depth of understanding that could be applied to future contexts and decisions in Asia business.”

– Catherine Young Morris, Business Development Manager, Tandem Launch, Montreal, Canada

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