The Master Key to Asia

A 6-Step Guide to Unlocking New Markets

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I think you’ll find these gifts incredibly useful in helping you understand the differences of culture between Western countries and Asia, and between Asian countries themselves, so that you can launch and grow your business without risking failure or being left out of the game.

This book will save you a considerable amount of time, money and energy trying to get your bearings in an unfamiliar world. Whether you want to start out in a particular Asian country, or develop your business across Asian countries, you must be able to communicate well and understand what’s really going on in the minds of your Asian counterparts or you risk being left at the starting line.

So what’s The Master Key to Asia about? It’s about how YOU can make credible and lasting business relationships in Asia, and ultimately create a highly successful business, by understanding the cultures and business environment of individual Asian countries.

A great deal of what is taught and written about doing business in Asia goes over the head of both new and experienced companies. It’s either too academic or too theoretical.

The Master Key to Asia is different. It offers a practical step-by-step guide into the personal world of Asian business with action points to help you along the way. It shows you how to build confidence by understanding the key elements of Asian business culture, and by using that knowledge in the context of specific countries.book_M-300x3001-300x3001

Many aspects of business etiquette and culture are common to Asia, but by no means all. Every country in Asia has a subtly different way of doing business.

Many Western businesses don’t understand this. They think it’s one big region and that they can easily get by because, for example, Hong Kong is more or less like London or New York. They think that they can ‘wing it’ with some videoconferencing, relying on an agent or distributor, and the occasional parachute trip in and out.

Here’s just a little of what you’ll discover how to do in The Master Key to Asia:

  • Identify the key elements of Asian culture and business
  • Understand why cultural awareness is important to maximizing your growth potential and revenue streams
  • Follow the basics of Asian business etiquette
  • Learn how to communicate and present yourself well
  • Develop leadership, negotiating and networking skills in Asia
  • Prepare yourself fully for business in individual Asian countries and for cross-border expansion

In this book you’ll also learn how to to avoid the dreaded social and cultural mistakes that so many newcomers make. If you want to discover the secrets of success that lie within Asia’s economies, you must turn the master key in the lock and push the door open. The Master Key is culture, and business culture above all.


“The Master Key to Asia is the right book at the right time about the right areas of the world for many businesses and businesspeople.

There has been so much nonsense written about doing business in Asia, that it is refreshing to come across a short how-to guide that touches on the most important aspects of managing relationships, cultural pitfalls and expectation management. David correctly gives the theory and cultural relativism a miss preferring to concentrate on what actually happens at the coalface. And he should know. Having spent most of his career advising senior Asian CEOs, pitching for business in Asia, writing about Asian businesses and running his own consultancy from Hong Kong, Taiwan and the Philippines – he is eminently placed to provide this useful primer.

Concise, savvy and very helpful. I will recommend it to my clients.”

Mark Dailey, Madano Partnership UK

“Drawing from a wealth of experience in Asia, David Clive Price has written an easy to navigate book that guides business people or entrepreneurs though the complex maze of Asian cultures. Offering valuable information on business practices, social behaviours, ethics, and religion, this book delves deeper into Asian cultures and helps you understand the ‘why’ so you can feel comfortable and confident interacting with others as quickly as possible. It is a must for any international business professional. It’s great also for students who want ‘real’ information about Asian cultures. I highly recommend this book.”

Kara Ronin, CEO Executive Impressions France

“David Clive Price really knows his Asia. He has toured, lived and worked in just about every corner of it, so he speaks from a wealth of personal experience. Better than that, he possesses the talents of a skilled negotiator and mediator. There can be no better guide to preparing the newcomer to this culturally rich and diverse region for the task of dealing with Asians on a business level. And preparation is the key to this process, for the novice has first to know who and what he is up against, and what to expect of the encounter. The Master Key to Asia is essential reading for those about to knock on Asia’s door – if they are to avoid being seen as barbarians at the gates.”

Peter Moss, former Director of Government Information Services, Hong Kong


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