From his first appearance on stage, David seizes the audience’s attention with colourful stories, surprising insights and practical strategies. Shunning the lecture style or complex theory, David presents with a clear imperative: to show you how to become an INTELLIGENT GLOBAL LEADER to achieve OUTSTANDING RESULTS in all cultural and cross-generational situations and in a changing political, social and economic environment.

Frequently asked to give a follow-up presentation, David has received an OVERWHELMINGLY ENTHUSIASTIC RECEPTION from many leading organizations, including: British Chamber of Commerce Denmark, International Association of Professional Advisers, Presidents’ Institute, Horasis Global Visions, Asia Scotland Institute, Oxford international Business Club, and many others

“Terrific and creative guy to work with!” AIA Group

Watch David in action (3 min)

Event Planner: My most exciting engagements are when I see the audience respond warmly to authentic examples and stories, a touch of humour, interaction with each other and clear takeaways.

That’s when I hear the “buzz” and know I am doing my job.

If you have an event that requires a get-up-on-your-feet presentation which offers simple, actionable lessons that can be applied by everyone, let’s talk.

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Dare, Explore,Profit


We live in an Age of Complexity, where workforces are becoming increasingly diverse, new cultures and markets more accessible, and social and economic challenges daily multiply. Instead of sticking to the known or giving in to confusion, we need to Dare more, Explore difference, and Profit from clear strategies to succeed in both the local and the global marketplace.

Based on his bestselling book Bamboo Strong and the world-leading Intelligent Leadership programme, David Clive Price’s keynote How To Become An Intelligent Global Leader is perfect for busy people who want more than another lesson in behavior and "cultural understanding".

Consistently voted as “exceptional”, How To Be An Intelligent Global Leader challenges audiences to be more resilient and effective in the diverse workplace, when dealing with multicultural and multi-generational teams at home, and communicating with colleagues and customers in new markets.

Motivational, instructional and thought provoking, this content-rich keynote is a stimulating experience for any audience. Business leaders, professionals, executives and negotiators have all acclaimed How To Be An Intelligent Global Leader with enthusiastic ovations. Will your audience be next?

“You entertained the delegates in such a thought provoking way. Thank you so much.” IAPA International Conference, Hong Kong

“Your fascinating insights on the role of culture in business made a strong impression on the delegates.” Sector Marketing UK


  • DARE - Develop your motivation and readiness to collaborate with others in a wide spectrum of cultural and generational settings and in a changing social and economic environment (this is what your audience actually does)! Achieving this inner drive continues to challenge overstretched leaders and confused team members.
  • EXPLORE - Understand how some cultures and mindsets are similar to your own and others are different. Learn how to read verbal and nonverbal language and to “flex” in new social and cultural encounters.
  • PROFIT - Plan effectively on the basis of your new understanding to communicate, network, negotiate and drive profits in diverse workplaces across our rapidly changing world.

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How to Generate More Growth At Home and Abroad

David reveals new perspectives on how to sharpen your competitive mindset by developing cultural intelligence (CQ).

Based on the renowned CQ Model, the Tuning Your Radar program reveals four essential keys to unlock new markets and ways of doing business.

This proven approach, which is validated by two decades of research by the Cultural Intelligence Center, is designed to dramatically raise business and personal performance in all social, cultural and economic situations.


“David has a deep knowledge of international business, a great sense of humour and a lively, entertaining approach. We loved his workshop.’ – Nigel Collett, Managing Director, Gurkha International


  • An ability to recognize cultural and generational differences in many business communications and situations
  • Strategies to adapt to different mindsets and cultural attitudes to increase profits
  • How to manage different styles in the workplace and cross-border teams
  • How to avoid costly problems and mistakes
  • The art of serving customers, communicating and negotiating across a number of cultures

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How Diversity Fosters Creativity and Innovation

In the Age of Complexity, agile leaders are more in demand than ever. Cultural diversity has become the new normal, and the most successful leaders are learning how to harness diversity to create a culture of innovation.

The Leadership Forum Understand how some cultures are similar to your own and others are different. Learn how to read verbal and nonverbal language and to “flex” in new cultural encounters.

“David’s observations on doing business in multicultural situations are always highly instructive.” Director, Blueleaf Retail Group



  • Enjoyment - how to gain pleasure from and reap the benefits of cross-cultural and cross-generational challenges in many contexts.
  • Celebration - turning the complexity of personal and cultural diversity into an opportunity to develop more productive people and richer ideas.
  • Self-Discovery- using your own lives and businesses as examples in order to develop global leaders for the new age.

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Are you ready for your audience to give a standing ovation?

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I am a self-confessed fanatic of the world’s cultures who researches, writes and speaks on Global Leadership and Diversity.

I speak to audiences all over the world on the main stage teaching my Bamboo Strong™ model (last year I spoke on four continents) or one of my three workshops (agility, growth, leadership). I spend the rest of my time coaching CEOs, business leaders, managers and their teams.

Some facts about me

  • 25+ years’ experience in international business development, intercultural communications & change transitions
  • Multilingual international cultural expert (fluency in French, German, Italian, Cantonese)
  • Expertise in leadership development: successfully aligns executive networks in new markets and cultures and helps build high performance teams at home and overseas
  • UK bestselling author (The Master Key To Asia, Bamboo Strong – Cultural Intelligence Secrets To Succeed In the New Global Economy)
  • Novelist, travel writer and explorer with books set in Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, South Korea, New York, Los Angeles and London
  • Ph. D. (Cambridge) in Renaissance Studies, Member of Global Speakers Federation