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Inspiring, Motivational and Generous

“I really enjoyed this book. In addition to being a good read that imparts a lot of important information lightly, The Master Key to Asia made me think more deeply about the countries in Asia I have visited and done business, and the ones I haven’t and want to. For a small book it packs an enormous punch! It’s inspiring, motivational and generous in its advice. I could have gone on reading twice as long. I shall recommend it to anyone and everyone going to Asia whatever their purpose.”

– Jonathan Mantle, bestselling author of “Companies That Changed The World’ and Co-founder of Republik of Kreative Ekonomi

Taking Your Business to a Whole New Level

“This book is a great guide to learning how business in conducted in Asia, and how each of the region’s cultures and markets are subtly, but significantly different. It’s full of the author’s deep knowledge of Asia culture and business, has action points that make the lessons learned easy to implement, and provides a clear and innovative system for taking your business in Asia to a whole new level. I’d certainly recommend it to newcomers and to those already there.”

– Douglas George, Presenter & Producer of TVB’s ‘The Money Programme’, Hong Kong

No Better Guide to Preparing the Newcomer

“David Clive Price really knows his Asia. He has toured, lived and worked in just about every corner of it, so he speaks from a wealth of personal experience. Better than that, he possesses the talents of a skilled negotiator and mediator. There can be no better guide to preparing the newcomer to this culturally rich and diverse region for the task of dealing with Asians on a business level.

And preparation is the key to this process, for the novice has first to know who and what he is up against, and what to expect of the encounter. The Master Key to Asia is essential reading for those about to knock on Asia’s door – if they are to avoid being seen as barbarians at the gates.”

– Peter Moss, Director of Gov. Information Services Hong Kong

Feel Comfortable and Confident In Asia

“Drawing from a wealth of experience in Asia, David Clive Price has written an easy to navigate book that guides business people or entrepreneurs though the complex maze of Asian cultures. Offering valuable information on business practices, social behaviours, ethics, and religion, this book delves deeper into Asian cultures and helps you understand the ‘why’ so you can feel comfortable and confident interacting with others as quickly as possible. It is a must for any international business professional. I highly recommend this book.”

– Kara Ronin, CEO Executive Impressions, US and France

The Bible of Asian Cross-Cultural Communication

“David Price has, through his long and enlightened journey across Asia, acquired an impressive amount of anecdotes, experiences, knowledge, wisdom and “cultural insider information”, which he generously and frankly shares in this Reference Book. Being myself a Japan business expert, I do fully agree with the author’s advices & tips, and that especially in Japan & Asia, business and culture are widely connected.

Starting by explaining the basics/fundamentals of Asian Business Culture (patience, long-term relationships, face saving, family-ownership, trust building), David Clive Price then refines his analysis by delivering an outstanding country-by-country overview, which makes this book really UNIQUE. Indeed, there are many books out there covering specific topics about specific countries of Asia, but a well-written & well-thought Guide to a dozen of Asian countries is a rare TREAT!! This is why I recommend this Masterpiece, this “Bible of Asian Cross-cultural Communication”, without reserve.”

– Philippe Huysveld GBMC (Global Business & Management Consulting), France & Japan

Savvy and Concise From an Asian Master

“There has been so much nonsense written about doing business in Asia, that it is refreshing to come across a short how-to guide that touches on the most important aspects of managing relationships, cultural pitfalls and expectation management. David correctly gives the theory and cultural relativism a miss preferring to concentrate on what actually happens at the coalface. And he should know. Having spent most of his career advising senior Asian CEOs, pitching for business in Asia, writing about Asian businesses and running his own consultancy from Hong Kong, Taiwan and the Philippines – he is eminently placed to provide this useful primer. Concise, savvy and very helpful. I will recommend it to my clients.”

– Mark Dailey, Madano Partnership UK

Insightful, Up to Date, & Extremely Helpful

“As a young entrepreneur operating in Asia, I found this book insightful and extremely helpful. Price has attempted to open the locked doors to Asia for the reader and I think he has achieved this. The book is up to date and clearly demonstrates David’s wealth of experience in Asia.”

– Jonathan Paul Nichols, Author ‘Myanmar for Foreign Dummies’

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Delighted to Welcome You Back!

“Many thanks again for taking part in and speaking at the Global China Business Meeting in The Hague. We at Horasis are very pleased with the results of the meeting and the feedback we have received. I would be delighted to welcome you back.”

– Dr. Frank-Jurgen Richter, Chairman Horasis: The Global Visions Community

David Breathes Leadership in Everything He Says and Does

“David breathes leadership in everything he says and does. You can tell that his presentations are based on deep experience of the way Asian business works. Above all it’s conveyed with dry wit and humor.”

– Douglas George, Producer, TVB’s ‘The Money Programme’, Hong Kong

A Fascinating Local Twist for Different Asian Audiences

“Terrific and creative guy to work with! He has a wide knowledge of Asian cultures and business behavior. His presentations are always full of insider tips and have a fascinating local twist for different Asian audiences.”

– Patricia Chua, Head of Communications, AIA Group

Direct, Engaging Style…a Great Business Speaker

 “David’s long experience in Asia along with a direct, engaging style makes him a great business speaker and coach. He amused and enlightened us at the same time with his workshop on doing business in Thailand.”

– Simon Chicken, Director,

A Passion for Asia and Deep Knowledge of Asian Business Culture

“Gifted writer and speaker, David Price conveys his passion for Asia and deep knowledge of Asian (business) culture through his many keynotes, lectures and cross-cultural training courses. With his rich and precious understanding of the mosaic of Asian cultures and countries, acquired in the field and through the years, he is the one to ask for advice and guidance on Pan-Asian communication, management and corporate strategy.”

– Philippe Huysveld, GBMC (Global Business & Management Consulting), France & Japan

His speeches are always a delight, coloUrful and full of inspiration

“David has acquired an immensely broad range of experience as a speaker, speechwriter and author of numerous published works on Asia. His speeches are always a delight, colourful and full of inspiration for people who need to know Asia, its business world and its many cultures in more detail.”

– Simon Dowell, International Business Consultant, New York, US

A Great Sense of Humour and a Lively, Entertaining Approach

“David is a prolific writer and persuasive speaker with a wide field of Asian interests, a great sense of humour and a lively, entertaining approach.”

– Nigel Collett, Managing Director, The Gurkha

International Group

“Thank you so much for your contribution to the success of ‘Prepare your business expansion into the ASEAN market’. Your fascinating insights on business culture made a strong impression on the attendees.”

– Sandrine Daley, Events Manager, Sector Marketing UK