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Thought Leader can easily become a devalued term, especially when companies mass-produce content for their CEOs without really saying anything new or creative or disruptive.

…But in fact real thought leaders do not call themselves such. The market decides if their work deserves the term.

So forget about calling your every article or blog you publish ‘thought leadership’ pieces.

You’ll need to produce some very original and exciting ideas over a period of time before you merit the term ‘thought leader’ – and even then you may live in a culture, like many of the cultures in Asia, where pushing yourself forward is frowned upon.

So thought leadership is a choice – and it’s not for everybody. But in fact the most successful business leaders today are not so much thought leaders as thoughtful leaders.

They show qualities of ‘baring, sharing and daring’ in their leadership, and empathy for others that mark them out as authentic and credible.

This is particularly true in international markets, and in doing business in and with other cultures.

Intellectual thought and rational decision-making are not always enough in a time of increasing globalisation and change.

So how do you become a thoughtful leader?

This is the topic of today’s expert interview when I had the opportunity of speaking with top executive coach, business consultant and author of The Thoughtful Leader, Mindy Gibbins-Klein.

Tune in as we chat about the inside tips and secrets to truly thoughtful leadership:

6 Tips for Thoughtful Leadership in International Business

Listen in as we discuss:

  • When a thought leader is not a thought leader
  • Why some cultures (think Asia) prefer thoughtfulness
  • How to use your head AND heart to inspire others
  • The power of baring, sharing and daring
  • Outsourcing thought leadership without thought
  • Why ‘real’ leaders count for more across all cultures
  • And more

Have you been called a thought leader and what did you think when you heard the term?

Would you add anything to Mindy’s excellent advice on how to become a real thoughtful leader?


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