Cultural Intelligence is the capability to relate and work effectively across cultures. It is based on years of scholarly research undertaken by academics globally spearheaded by the Cultural Intelligence Center in the US and Nanyang Business School in Singapore.
Business leaders, multicultural teams, international negotiators and other global executives in many sectors are adopting Cultural Intelligence as a key element of their personal and business growth.
Our Bamboo Strong™ masterminds and workshops aim to develop your Cultural Intelligence through the following:
Courage -  your motivation and readiness to collaborate with others in a wide spectrum of cultural settings. It focuses on your ability to gain ejoyment from and reap the benefits of cross-cultural challenges in many contexts.
Exploration - the extent to which you understand how some cultures are similar to your own and how others are different. This involves knowledge of business and legal systems, family and social values, religious beliefs, as well as rules for verbal and non-verbal behaviour.
Perspective - an ability to be aware of what’s happening in a cross-cultural encounter and to plan effectively on the basis of your understanding to implement knowledge and new ideas.
Performance - focuses on the appropriate verbal and physical behavior for diverse cross-cultural situations. It develops your ability to 'flex' mentally, to avoid miscommunication and to create trust.
Cultural Intelligence is more than a methodology for registering cultural differences. It’s a proven system to enhance your ability to build relationships, communicate, network, negotiate and lead inculturally diverse workplaces across our globalized world–including virtual teams.
Whether adapting opening up new markets, adapting global business models for local markets, serving customers across a number of cultures or negotiating across borders, Cultural Intelligence can make all the difference to your performance.
The emphasis on cultural diversity also encourages leadership agility, creativity and innovation.


Our Bamboo Strong™ masterminds and workshops increase your ability to navigate new cross-cultural encounters and to think on your feet in new business or daily life situations. The aim is to encourage a 'bamboo mindset' rather than to ask participants to learn detailed lists of recommended behavior for individual cultures. This enables you to flex successfully in new multicultural scenarios.


Our Bamboo Strong™ masterminds and workshops are dynamic and interactive. We ask participants to go beyond their daily assumptions and habits in activities that disrupt their normal ways of thinking, their emotions and their behavior, reflecting the real challenges and conflicts of intercultural encounters. In addition, we encourage our participants  to use their own lives and businesses as examples in order to enhance their process of self-discovery.


All our Bamboo Strong™ masterminds and workshops are designed to your requirements and in addition offer insights and succcess strategies from David's new book Bamboo Strong: Cultural Intelligence Secrets To Succeed In The New Global Economy.


We also offer Leadership Mentoring and Support for developing the potential of Cultural Intelligence throughout your organization and leadership teams.
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